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That's NOT How Men Think!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

If you think that accepting the slightest effort he gives… Will motivate him to give you more… You’ve got this thing backwards Love.

Men are exceptionally efficient.

Studies show that on average they even use less toilet tissue than women… 😧 So if you think he is going to invest more time, energy, or creativity into you… When he already has you where he wants you with less… Well, just let me know how that goes for you Sis 🥴

I get how you could have this confused... I mean what type of person wouldn't want to reciprocate to someone who gives so much to them?!? (*clears throat*) The average man Sis. They simply do not think like that.

To them, whatever is the least amount of energy or the least amount of effort that they need to expend to obtain a thing...

That's all they are going to expend.

Then they are off to their next hunt... 😕

So when I encourage you to hold on to your standards and values, I am giving you the truth.

Remain encouraged Gorgeus! The one that is meant for you, from whom You came, will find You. Just keep the faith.

Confident Vibes and Serenity,

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