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ConfidenceNOW : About

We educate, equip, and empower women to start & grow their profitable business and work from anywhere!

Founded by Shanoria, ConfidenceNOW is a nonprofit organization created to address the disparities faced by women of color by promoting an environment of education, exposure and empowerment to close the gap. By establishing this nonprofit for ladies with activities focused on critical life skills such as entrepreneurship, financial literacy, positive self-image, business etiquette, volunteerism, wellness, nutrition, and critical thinking and speaking skills, ConfidenceNOW better prepares them to succeed. We prepare ladies to earn their seats in the boardrooms of power, and to be prepared to make a meaningful impact once they do! 

In response to the devastating effects of Covid-19, ConfidenceNOW has introduced the Shepreneur Success Society. Within this Society, successful Shepreneurs share insight, strategies, and processes to help women shift from employee to employer with ease. 


ConfidenceNOW is graciously accepting donations from those moved to support our cause. We appreciate any and all donations and kindly ask that you use the buttons below to support, whether you desire to donate your time or dollars.  

  • Expert Coaching for the ambitious Woman ready to start & grow her biz!


    2,500 US dollars

Mission Statement

A nonprofit dedicated to the enrichment and acceleration of informed and confident ladies empowered to start & grow their business, build their legacy, and lift as they climb.

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​Our Goal is to help You:

  • Make more MONEY HONEY by learning the exact steps to establish and grow a ridiculously profitable business online

  • Improve your image awareness and look how you feel with CONFIDENCE

  • Make your money go further by implementing banking and wealth planning strategies that WORK

ConfidenceNOW : Welcome

Vision Statement

To advance the plight of women aspiring to start & grow their profitable business and gain the freedom & flexibility to work from anywhere.

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Educate | Business Building Group Coaching Delivering the Money Making Insights You Need to Succeed + Wealth Planning Strategies to Ensure Your Profits GROW + Styling Strategies to Help You Show Up & Show OUT

Equip | Self-Care Sessions + Monthly Women's Wellness Workshops + Annual Shepreneur Success Soiree


Empower | Shepreneur Success Networking Sip n Chat + Business Success Resources  + Shepreneur Success Capability Barter Circle

Excel |Shepreneur Success Celebrations + Networking Events with Notable Sheros & Shepreneurs Killing It in Business

ConfidenceNOW : Services




Annual Shepreneur Success Soiree

Share space with excellence

Shepreneur Success Networking Sip n Chat

Create Opportunities

Monthly International Women's Wellness Workshops

Prioritizing Peace

AfroCarobics & Mocktails

Maintaining Health

ConfidenceNOW : Features
No events at the moment
ConfidenceNOW : Events List

Who Can Join the Shepreneur Success Society?

Yes, we have room for YOU!

ConfidenceNOW : News
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Confident Cadre

Young Ladies Ages 13-17

Aspiring Ambassadors

Ladies 18-28 years of age

Women Colleagues

Seasoned Sistergirls

Ladies 29 years of age and up

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