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Must Have Ingredient for a Love that Lasts!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I was speaking with an old friend yesterday, and he was complaining to me about his latest dates. 🙄

His main complaint: "Chics these days are shallow and boring. There's just nothing to them beyond what we can see..."

Of course this gave me great pause.

However, as I contemplated it further, I realized that we can often come across that way, even after being married for years, if we are uncomfortable within our own skin.

See, when we are not truly comfortable in our own skin, we attempt to wear other's.

We try to appease them and make them comfortable; often at the expense of our own comfort. 😳

So today, I urge you to have the courage to be YOU.

Because in all honesty, you are ANYTHING but shallow and boring.

You are incredible and funny and kind. You have a heart of gold.

So how can you show up with more depth so your marriage can last a lifetime?

One easy trick 👉🏽 Have a hobby that appeals to both sexes.

That's right, just having a hobby that you truly enjoy not only brings you satisfaction and stress relief.

It also gives you something to talk about that you can discuss with PASSION. provides an activity that you can DO TOGETHER for decades to come!

See, the most long lasting couples, find ways to do life together.

See 👆🏽 "DO" as in actions taken together. This provides depth and increases experiential intimacy... or the shared experiences or private jokes that can intensify your connection to one another.

Your Tip for today: Identify a gender-neutral hobby that you can engage in with your Hubby to build your intimacy and keep you laughing together for years to come.

Ready to give your marriage the boost it needs to stand the test of time? CLICK HERE to get started. 🤩


Confident Vibes and Serenity,


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