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And today, I am THRILLED to spill the sauce on the two topics requested by our CyberSista ✨Tomeka.✨

Inner peace and self love Now you know, I specialize in these 👆🏽two. So let's get to it. See, what most coaches don't want you to know, is that the key to inner peace, is actually quite simple.

The major KEY, is to get very clear about what REALLY & TRULY MAKES YOU HAPPY. 👈🏽 That Part! 💯 So often, we give and Give and GIVE to others because we have a loving and nurturing personality.

We find ourselves continuing to show up in the world as others around us EXPECT us to show up...

NOT as we truly are.


Because most often, we have NO IDEA who we are and more importantly, who we would be without the many demands on our lives. 🥺

The Key to Inner Peace ➡️ Happiness.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do ARE IN HARMONY. 🙌🏽

When any of these 👆🏽3 areas of your life are out of sync, you cannot experience Inner Peace because you are in the middle of Inner Conflict. 😖

So, resolve the Inner Conflict -> Achieve True Happiness -> Experience INNER PEACE. Ready to pivot into YOUR season of Inner Peace?

Just click right HERE to take the first step. And before I forget, since we covered so much today, I'll slide in tomorrow and give you the scoop on Self-Love. 😉 Confident Vibes and Serenity, P.S. Click HERE to learn the steps you must follow to Get and STAY Happily Married💞


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