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"How Do I Walk Away for Good?"

Today's helpful insight is brought to you by our Cyber Sista ✨Abujahna✨ who asked,

"How Do I Walk Away for Good?"

My, my... haven't we all been 👆🏽 here before?

Because this is SUCH a common challenge, I'm super excited to jump right in with some support to save you time on this!

Step 1: Acknowledge the Pain - You need to be 100% CLEAR about WHY you are walking away. And Beloved, I mean crystal clear. Why? Because before you blink, he will be coming back trying to convince you he deserves a 17th chance. 🙄 What can help keep you motivated in those vulnerable moments is being in touch with why you made the choice to leave in the first place. I encourage journaling to document the pain, so you can remind yourself in weak moments.

Step 2: Shift your Surroundings (if at all possible) - One of the reasons vacations are so effective, is being able to remove yourself from the surroundings and environment in which you are regularly subjected to stress and pain. Over time, your body begins to associate those locations (and at times people) with physical responses and frankly, you just need a break. By shifting your surroundings, you invite your body to create new physical responses; prayerfully as a result of more pleasant situations. This is incredibly effective when you make a permanent environment shift because your responses are rewired with this permanency leading to new pleasurable responses and memories... It is important to note that avoiding communication during this 👆🏽 stage is necessary to experience the greatest result. 😉

Step 3: Speaking of Memories ~ OVERWRITE THEM - Overwriting memories is a POWERFUL process that leads to significant healing and satisfaction. It's a bit too much to type so Click Here To Learn This Powerful Technique!

Here's the truth: In today's value-packed message I've been able to share WHAT TO DO. 👉🏽 But the REAL FLEX (that too many of us simply don't allow ourselves to experience) is having the expert support and guidance you need to understand HOW TO DO IT. 🔥

Thankfully, that's EXACTLY my purpose driven passion - helping ladies learn the lessons their wounds were meant to teach, master techniques to get them the results they really want, and level up in life, love, and MONEY! 🙌🏽 ✨If this would be helpful to you...just CLICK HERE to set yourself free!✨ Confident Vibes and Serenity, P.S. Whenever you are ready to join the movement of ambitious women drastically improving their love life and learning to build generational wealth, just click right HERE. 😉

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