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Bumble, Match, and Tinder Could NEVER! 🔥

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Ahh Dating apps, aren't they great?

But they don't tell you that part at sign up... 😒

Just imagine, finally connecting with the God-fearing, sexy, compassionate, honest, fun, financially secure man you have been waiting for... and RUINING IT WITH THAT BAGGAGE YOU'RE CARRYING AROUND?!? 😳

I just gotta break it to you Sis, to be ready for who God has for You, you MUST already have:

  • Absolute and unshakeable confidence

  • Self esteem 10xs higher than Your stilettos

  • Discernment so strong You smell BS from a mile away

  • Known Your values better than Your last SSN

  • Become allergic to negative self-talk

  • Mastered Your own pleasure and learned to lovingly communicate Your needs to Your partner

  • Identified Your triggers and effective strategies that personally empower You to respond and not react

  • Mastered loving communication and the ability to speak without causing Your partner to get defensive at even the most touchy topic

  • Banking strategies and wealth planning techniques that have Your finances secure and Your investments compounding

  • Gotten to the point that You break out in hives at the sheer thought of settling

or as I like to say... Already Know and Love SELF, Before You Try to Love Someone Else!

You know, everything every single woman in Before Boaz® struts away with. 😉

So if you are ready to heal so that you are ready when God reveals You to Your man, click HERE.​

Remember this: If You could fix Your issues, knowing what You know and doing what You do, YOU WOULD HAVE FIXED THEM ALREADY!

Click HERE

Confident Vibes and Serenity, ​


Jeremiah 17:7


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