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#1 Way To Know If He Loves You

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I am headed downstairs to start dinner, but I wanted to tap in with you real quick to share some insight that I believe could be very helpful for you.

When you are going back and forth with yourself, and trying to decide if the man in your life truly loves you, here's a great tip:

Embrace the power of your NO!

I know, I know... but let me explain.

If you are a YES Woman, you don't ever get to know if he is with you because of who you are...

or merely because of what you do for him. 😳

But if you are sincere with him about things that concern you or make you uncomfortable, you can exercise your NO.

And when you do, you have an opportunity to see how he responds to it and DECIDE on your next move.

Ahhhh there's that word again.

That's right Gorgeous, give yourself the data you need to DECIDE.

Decide if his response is respectful of you and your beliefs.

Decide if there's room for improvement.

Or...Decide if it is time to leave.

Either way, you give yourself the opportunity to decide when you stand up for yourself and embrace the power of your No. 💯

What are you saying NO to this week? 🤔

Confident Vibes and Serenity,

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