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Queen of Wife Coaching

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Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you!  I am Shanoria, The Confident One, and I would like to welcome you to my sanctuary. I am truly honored to be able to spend my days working in my passion of preparing women to live their best lives and achieve their definition of success, with courage and confidence! I am driven to provide tools and insight to highlight your strengths, exploit your specific skills, and IGNITE YOUR LIGHT! 


As a wife, mom, shepreneur, and philanthropist, I understand very well the stress that the demands of life can bring. As a former federal workforce civilian for the Air Force and Homeland Security, I am familiar with the bureaucratic challenges therein. As a Senior PM in the corporate world, I understand the “tightrope” routine of being gracious and humble, while refusing to compromise on respect and compensation. I have despised my cubicle. I have dreaded the “morning rush” to get out of the house. I have battled the near-paralyzing anxieties of speaking publicly. I know these experiences all too well.


More than anything, I am driven to help ambitious women to be PREPARED for the opportunities ahead. This drive led me to start my own charity, ConfidenceNOW, whose mission is to educate, equip, and empower young ladies to persist and propel!  I am very proud of the impact that we are able to make by means of ConfidenceNOW. I invite you to visit the ConfidenceNOW page via the menu above to learn more. My drive to aid women in preparation also led me to create my signature course Before Boaz™. This course is truly the cornerstone of the varied services that I offer to support women. When creating it, I was reminded of a time when I dreamed of marriage. I believed I was ready and was absolutely elated once engaged. But once married I realized, I didn’t have the slightest clue about what I was getting myself into at that time.  Reflecting back, I just wish I’d been more informed. I could have avoided many disagreements and much heartache. Now I am fired up to help women everywhere to be more prepared and most importantly know and love SELF before loving someone else. I also invite you to visit the Before Boaz™ course page via the menu above to learn more.

I share these insights to provide a glimpse into my personal experiences so that you might conceive that I can understand YOUR current situation. If you believe that I know where you are coming from, then you will more likely trust that I could possess the insight to assist you. And more than just the insight and training, I have a calling to do so. In all of my work experiences, I’ve busied myself with passionately serving the people and prioritizing the humanistic element of the position. In every area of my life, I have always been in a role supporting and empowering women. I’m doing what I love to do. 


I am truly honored for the opportunity to work with you and cannot wait to help you IGNITE! 


Until then...


Confident Vibes and Serenity to You and Yours! 

Shanoria Walker, MPA

*Certified  Neuro-Transformational  Results Coach*


I firmly believe...


I also believe: 

Soon is NOT a schedule; 

More is NOT a quantity; and 

Hope is NOT a strategy. 

So let’s work together to use S.M.A.R.T. objectives to silence the noise, focus, and transform how you experience your life!

~Queen of Wife Coaching