Let's Make Sure You Know and Love SELF Before Loving Someone Else

After experiencing my premier finishing school for wives in waiting, women are TRANSFORMED! They shatter barriers to self-esteem, gain crucial preparation for marriage, and learn exactly what it takes to become an Irresistible Wife for LIFE!

I am looking for ladies who are READY to push past emotional wounds, do the inner work to prepare for what marriage really requires and authentically ATTRACT the type of man their heart truly desires. 



Explore | Discover | Aim | ACHIEVE

Shanoria has prompted me to value myself as a woman and has been encouraging of my personal growth as an aspiring mother, lawyer, businesswoman, wife, and has supported me as I continue my schooling and pursue Graduate school. She has laid out the road map of her own success as a Mother, Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Leader to help guide me through my own challenges and exert my strengths in the Corporate World and other interests of mine. Her background in real estate, event planning, business, Management in the Corporate Industry, only demonstrates a fraction of Shanoria’s diverse portfolio, Shanoria is resilient and smart. Her energy is contagious, and her heart is pure. You will be motivated to work harder, to be better, and to achieve greatness as defined by your own terms. I truly do feel blessed to have Shanoria as a mentor and honorable friend.

J. Lepe