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How to Speak Softly... Even When You Want to SNAP! 🤬

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Great Day! It's time for your daily dose of love tips!

Today's Love Tip was requested by our beautiful CyberSista ✨Marie✨ who asked, "What can I do when I don’t want to answer my husband harshly or negatively?" Sheesh! I bet we can alllll benefit from the response to this! 🔥 There could be many reasons you are driven to react to your husband in a harsh or negative manner...
  • You may have some built up resentment towards him that you are expressing in a passive aggressive manner,

  • You may be irritated by the perception that he is not listening to you and you have to repeat yourself (again 🙄),

  • You may be retaliating to his harsh or negative demeanor towards you,

  • You may possess an aggressive communication style yourself, learned over the years, that has not been addressed,

It could be either of these 👆🏽 or any number of reasons... But the reality is this: There is an underlying issue that needs to be resolved. As a member of Before Boaz®, will I teach you effective loving communication strategies? Absolutely. And at the foundation of each of those strategies, 👉🏽 is the need for you to be able to share your truth authentically and completely. So in short, before you can change how to speak to/at him, we must address how you think of and truly FEEL about him. Your thoughts become your words and those thoughts have a root. I look forward to helping you through this.

In the meantime, one technique to help counter harsh reactions, is to tap into your SELF-AWARENESS. What are some things that YOU have said or done that would entice Him to answer YOU harshly or negatively? 👀 ✨Reminding ourselves of our shortcomings, often provides the nudge to freely give compassion and practice patience in the face of irritation. ✨

Once you've identified the times that you may not have shown up in the best light... The next step is to confess to and apologize to him sincerely.

Yes Love, true confession opens the door to the possibility of forgiveness. When you have been offered forgiveness, your side of the wall that separates you is torn down. If your Husband is also willing to confess and receive forgiveness, the entire wall between you two can be demolished, and your marriage can move forward. 🙌🏽 Confident Vibes and Serenity,

P.S. This strategy is effective before and after you say, "I do." So do not delay, start implementing today! Need support moving forward? No worries, just click right HERE. 😉

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